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Happy Thanksgiving Tacos

I hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving with your loved ones. 

My children, when asked if they wanted turkey or ham, chose tacos. 

So I made them tacos. They've been asking for tacos for a while now since I made them the last time. 

I've just lost much confidence in cooking and so I rarely cook dishes as I used to. 

It seems they are satisfied and would like the leftovers for a meal tomorrow. 

What did you have for Thanksgiving as the main dish? Did you do the traditional turkey? 

I'm glad I was with my children and it was peaceful. 


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  1. If the kids want tacos, than tacos it is!! :) Glad you had a peaceful day. We went to my oldest son's house, but it was just he, his daughter, me and my youngest. Everyone stayed in small groups because of Covid. *le sigh*


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