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Reset Yourself Mentally And Emotionally With The #DancingThroughCrisis 30-Day Challenge

My first week of the #DancingThroughCrisis challenge has been great despite being so busy. Here we are in week two and I hope you know you can jump in whenever you are ready. It's just all your favorite music💃 and encouragement and dancing to shake out all the pain and stress and get reset for this 2021 journey. 

Day 6 
I - Write🕮 down what you want to get rid of from 2020, and share a picture of yourself tearing up that paper. ** I did this and tried to get a photo but the wind carried it all away quickly and I had to clean it up. So I went inside and just emptied my hand :) 

II - Get rid of what doesn’t bring you joy!😄 Be like Marie Kondo! When you decide to let go of what didn't work in 2020, you will open up to new possibilities in 2021.
In life, there can be great injustice, but if you learn to let go of that pain and what didn't work for you, you can create new possibilities in 2021.
We all need to learn to let go and go on. How do you feel now?

Day 7 
Healing is essential to our continuing happiness. Even after a terrible year, it’s important to learn to move on and take care of yourself.
When you take care of yourself, you can get closer to keeping your intentions.
If you don’t heal, how can you grow? How do you feel now?
How are you helping the people around you heal?

Share a video of you pulling an imaginary sword from your sheath and hold it up high — pretend you are cutting the ties with the pain that holds you back.

Nice! It’s so great that you can help people heal by being present for them and creating a space for them to share.
Now that's what I call letting your inner child run free!
How did you feel afterward?
What do you think has been keeping you from giving others space and being present for them? 

Day 8
'Share your biggest challenge of 2020 and what you want to change in 2021. Then share one thing you’ve learned during the past week — and tag a friend who needs to hear about it. #dancingthroughcrisis

My biggest challenge so far was trying to find a job. I did find holiday work (too brief), but I'm still trying to find a job that's not just part-time. In 2021, I just want to heal and know that I can do all things through Christ Jesus' strength and grace. 

Day 9  
'Share a video or photo of your breathing techniques to get rid of tension — and tell us how you feel. 

'It’s important to enjoy your passion guilt-free, even amidst a crisis. 

How great that you will embrace physical actions to mentally reset yourself to get better this year. It’s a terrific example of taking charge of your life.
Don’t let a crisis deter you from taking care of yourself. We all need to do something to keep us grounded and emotionally sound.
It’s important to enjoy your passion guilt-free, even amidst a crisis. Did you feel any guilt or shame? #dancingthroughcrisis #ad 

Day 10
'Take a video of yourself flipping a coin and deciding on doing something you’re not sure about — heads for option A, tails for option B. Flip the coin and tell us your decision. #dancingthroughcrisis

Whatever affected you the most last year — your health, your job, where you live, whatever — you can use it to change for the better.
Thanks for sharing what you’re going to be doing this year. Can you share how you felt when you were making that decision? 

Dancing and Life is a company that provides free and premium training and coaching to help you overcome crises and live your best life. It will teach you the power of movement and dance to help you feel better now no matter what you are going through.

You can turn turmoil and crisis into opportunity. Discover your primary inner strengths that will bring you through the problems that life gives you.

I encourage you to join in on the challenge as it is totally free and will totally change your life! Check it out for yourself for free today!

If you want to submit a member story with me about your journey and appear on the next live show, please message me or leave a comment below. The next live show will be February 11 and will be a 24-hour live stream. 

Each storyteller who appears on the Live Stream will receive a free 1-hour consulting session. The third best storyteller will get 1 month of consulting with Saje Flow, 2nd best storyteller will receive 2 months of consulting with Saje Flow, and Top Storyteller will receive 3 months of consulting with Saje Flow.

On the live stream, there will be many prizes to win throughout. Can't wait to see your progress!! 


I am Colette. I am busy and screeching in late! I have two kids and I've always wanted 5 with the adoption of 2 to make 7. I LOVE kids! I'm a cultural mix of different countries. I love learning and sharing about everything that affects our lives. Consider me an eclectic blogger. Visit me and let's help to make life better for everyone! Please read my disclosure 

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