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Healing Is An Essential Part Of Growth - #DancingThroughCrisis

I hope you have been dancing along with us during this 30-day challenge and really using it to motivate you forward into your future. 

Today is Day 19 and you can jump in whenever you like! 

Post a video of yourself being happy! Dancing, singing, celebrating your life! Tell us why you’re happy and share it! 
It’s amazing that you are working so hard yet you know the importance of taking care of yourself.

Mindfulness keeps you going strong. I’m so glad you’re doing what you need to be present and fit.

I’m happy to know that you have a plan for decompressing, so you can recharge. Tell us, what’s your mode of recharging? #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 20 
Post a video of yourself giving yourself the biggest hug, smiling your biggest smile. 

It’s terrific that you are making connection a priority. Especially when so many of us have been cut off from our loved ones!
I’m delighted you know you can schedule a regular connection time to connect with friends, loved ones and even yourself.

We all need to do what we can to make sure we’re staying social. How do you feel now?
What are the ways you’re connecting with others? #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 21 
Share a video of you massaging your head for 15 seconds or so to a soothing song — classical or pop, your choice — it’s a chill-out head massage.

It’s fantastic that you’re giving yourself breaks. You can’t keep running at 100% all the time.
I’m so glad you know you realize that healing is an essential part of growth, and that you’re giving yourself breaks and also scheduling naps, meditation, reflection time and other moments for stepping back from the rush of daily life.

When you don’t take care of yourself, your work and your outlook can suffer. What are you doing specifically?

Day 22 
Share a video of yourself holding a victory pose, and saying how you will succeed this year.

It’s so great that you are figuring out your why for the year.
You know that goal-setting is essential in the planning process for long-term success. Without goals, we only guess at our progress.
How are you feeling about the coming year?
Is anything standing in the way of your goals?

I encourage you to join in on the challenge as it is totally free and will totally change your life! Check it out for yourself for free today!

If you want to submit a member story with me about your journey and appear on the next live show, please message me or leave a comment below. The next live show will be February 11 and will be a 24-hour live stream. 

Grand Prize:
Each storyteller who appears on the Live Stream will receive a free 1-hour consulting session. The third best storyteller will get 1 month ($10,000 value) of consulting with Saje Flow, 2nd best storyteller will receive 2 months ($20,000 value) of consulting with Saje Flow, and Top Storyteller will receive 3 months ($30,000 value) of consulting with Saje Flow.

Give yourself this 30-day fun challenge to shake out all the tension and enjoy being alive. 

I am Colette. I am busy and screeching in late! I have two kids and I've always wanted 5 with the adoption of 2 to make 7. I LOVE kids! I'm a cultural mix of different countries. I love learning and sharing about everything that affects our lives. Consider me an eclectic blogger. Visit me and let's help to make life better for everyone! Please read my disclosure 

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