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Scheduling Time To Heal And Celebrating Your Wins - #DancingThroughCrisis

This is the last week for the 30-day challenge. However, you can do this anytime you want to keep you pepped and going towards your future. 

Day 26 
Share a video of yourself looking into the mirror when you wake up in the morning, and saying, “Thank You and I love you.” 

It’s amazing that you are able to find new ways to make your everyday tasks so rewarding.
Creating routines leads to great results — but keeping those routines fresh makes you even happier to keep at it.

I’m delighted that you’re doing what it takes to continue reaching your goal. How are you making your routines fresh?  #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 27 
Share a video of your “me time.” Go somewhere into nature. Sit in silence for 5 minutes (phones off). Write down what came up for you and let us know.

It’s terrific that you are protecting yourself from overdoing it and running at full charge all the time by scheduling self-care or downtime.
I’m glad to see that you are aware that even the best intentions can be overdone if you don’t give yourself a break.

We all need to schedule time off to heal. How are you feeling?
What are the ways you’re disconnecting this year? 

Day 28 
Toss the gratitude ball. Share a video of you saying what you’re grateful for, packing your gratitude into an imaginary ball in your hands, and sending it to the sky

It’s fantastic that you’re practicing gratitude to ensure that you maintain a good attitude as you work toward your goal. Gratitude is a gift for your self-esteem.
I’m so glad you know that being grateful to others makes you stronger.
How are you being grateful today? What specifically gives you gratitude?

Day 29 
Share your success. Post one thing you’ve succeeded at during this 30-day challenge! Share why this has been so important. Tag two friends.

It’s fantastic that you’re not concerned with setbacks but with what lies ahead and how well you’ve done.
I’m so glad you know that you realize how much progress you’ve already made.
You realize it’s not productive to judge yourself if you have any setbacks. Treat setbacks and failures as part of the process.
What are you doing to keep yourself moving forward? How do you feel about your progress?

Day 30 
Powerful Pose and Congratulations. Film yourself striking a powerful pose to congratulate yourself on completing the 30-Day Challenge. Shout “Yay!”

It’s wonderful that you’ve developed healthy routines in pursuing your goal. Routines are the best ways to move ahead with purpose.
I’m so glad you know that you can turn what you've learned into good habits to keep the momentum going.
What are the good habits and routines you’re developing?
How do you feel after 30 days?

This 30-day challenge is fun and gives something positive during your day.  

Join us LIVE on February 11 to party live with us. 

If you want to submit a member story with me about your journey and appear on the next live show, please message me or leave a comment below. The next live show will be February 11 and will be a 24-hour live stream. 

Grand Prize:
Each storyteller who appears on the Live Stream will receive a free 1-hour consulting session. The third best storyteller will get 1 month ($10,000 value) of consulting with Saje Flow, 2nd best storyteller will receive 2 months ($20,000 value) of consulting with Saje Flow, and Top Storyteller will receive 3 months ($30,000 value) of consulting with Saje Flow.

Jump into this fun challenge to shake out all the tension and enjoy being alive. 

I am Colette. I am busy and screeching in late! I have two kids and I've always wanted 5 with the adoption of 2 to make 7. I LOVE kids! I'm a cultural mix of different countries. I love learning and sharing about everything that affects our lives. Consider me an eclectic blogger. Visit me and let's help to make life better for everyone! Please read my disclosure 

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