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$25 Novica Gift Card #Giveaway

It really is the time of the masks. 

I don't mind wearing mine, knowing that I'm protecting myself and others. 

I only have a black set that I wear for work and personal. 

I figured I'd jump at this opportunity to try something fun and flashy. 
By Made Suciati
"Our designs are inspired by the flowers in my garden and by Bali's rich cultures and artistic crafts, and the beautiful tropical beaches."

Novica offered and I accepted. Now you can enter this giveaway to have one of your own or purchase anything you want from the various and talented artists from anywhere in the world. 

You can do whatever you want and get your party on or just bling out.

Beautiful hand-beadwork on white and dark blue bring glamour to face masks by Made Suciati. Sequins add sparkle. The contoured pair is crafted of three layers of cotton and feature elastic loops covered in cotton for comfort. They are washable and reusable.

You will win a $25 Novica Gift Card 

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  2. I love the

    Colorful Glass Beaded Wrap Bracelet from Guatemala, "Country River"
    byCristobal Ramirez:

  3. twin butterfly hearts hand painted wooden box love this

  4. I like the Lotus Wreath Sterling Silver Ring.

  5. I would be buying the
    Cedar Wood Mother Sloth Sculpture from Peru, "Mother Sloth

  6. I would get the the Good Energy Gemstone Pyramid Sculpture from Peru

  7. Joan, Classic Oriental Terracotta/Charcoal Wool Rug. I need a new throw rug for in front of my couch or a long one for the hallway. These are really nice.


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