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Under The Barnyard Light - Gona's Reading Ranch + #Giveaway

Oh, the things I did with my young children as they grew up with me! I found all the free things and I can just imagine if were had money to enjoy more! 

This is why I love finding all the good things to share with other families of young children. 

So let's introduce you to Under The Barnyard Light! Please visit and follow Gona's Reading Ranch youtube for a delightful family spot! 

Learn more: 
"Welcome to Gona's Reading Ranch! Join me, Carla Crane Osborne, on the farm to dive into a world of imagination, learning, and fun. Here on the Ranch, kids can join to listen and read along with me as we immerse ourselves in the creative world of storytelling.
One of the stories I read is my very own book, Under the Barnyard Light which is available now on Amazon and on the shelves at The Well-Read Moose in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho!
I hope my books foster a love of reading and make children feel like they're at a family farm going on their own adventures.

Carla also won the Silver Award for the 3rd Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for the Children’s Book category.  

Her new series Go Gona Go! is heading to the printer and will be released this fall. 

I know it's Summer and it's hot, so being inside it's always great to have options for good programs as a family. 

Head on over and don't forget to share so others can have a new place to visit and learn! 

WIN: Two Winners will receive a copy of this book. Enter below! 
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