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Southern Living Modern Re-designed October Issue Review

I am featuring the Southern Living magazine Modern Re-design for the month of October 2009. If you are looking for a good read in a magazine, pick one up or borrow from a friend. The magazine is loaded with the new editorial franchises on home, interior decorating, gardening, food, travel and so much more.

Southern Living is the country's sixth largest monthly consumer magazine reaching 16 million readers. That's a huge fan base, which tells you they have got it going on!

“We’ve listened to thousands of our readers and we know that the Southern woman is changing,” said editor in chief Eleanor Griffin, former editor-in-chief of Cottage Living.  “She is embracing the future as much as she values the traditions of the past.  She is busier than ever and wants to cultivate her own Southern style in a new, modern way.” 
I read the article on INSTANT INSPIRATION FROM A CHATTANOOGA BUNGALOW (p. 48) - "Be inspired by this homeowner who decorated his charming 1920s bungalow in Chattanooga ’s St.. Elmo neighborhood with stylish family heirlooms, one-of-a-kind vintage finds and ingenuity. Southern Living showcases 10 of his creative ideas that anyone can replicate in their home". 

I love the ideas shared by George Krauth in his 1920's bungalow home in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I love how the color and designs look very comfortable and relaxing.

 Here are some of his ideas that I would definitely run with.  

Put a swing on the porch

I've been wondering how nice it would be to have a swing on our back deck too. Some of you have seen my deck in my Monday Mingles. There's nothing on it except kids toys, balls and bicycles. No chair, no tables.  I have dreams of making it a relaxing place for our family.
(Not photo in article)

 Enlarging and framing old letters
I think that is such a neat idea for decor.  This would go well with our music room.

Use maps instead of wallpaper
How cool is that. Your mind would always having somewhere to think about.  You don't have to put it all over your wall, but placed in strategic places would be make any room interesting.

Make a memory cabinet
This is another of George's great ideas and I agree. I have lots of stuff to treasure and they are stuffed into little boxes somewhere in the house. It would definitely be nice to have  a memory cabinet to my precious mementos.

Another article I read in the October issue was: “DECORATING STEP-BY-STEP” (p. 70) - "Kentucky native Elizabeth Mayhew and author of Flip! for Decorating shares how to give a dining room sideboard a new look in a few easy steps".

It's so interesting the things you can learn from other experienced home decorators. This explains why I've developed such an interest in going to open houses and show homes, so I can get ideas on decorating my home.  Now if only the budget would cooperate :)

This article suggest hanging a mirror and frame photos in the dining room. I love this idea and really have never thought about this before. Maybe it's because we don't have a formal dining room perse, but eat Chinese style on our little table in the living room? :) 
(Not the photo in article) Beside the yellow living room is the tangerine dining room. A high-gloss table and a large mirror reflect lots of light

If we take the dining room back from being office space, I'll definitely try this idea. 

I also like the idea of putting a bowl with leaves on the dining room sideboard to add a southern twist. I love all things green and this would definitely be a first idea for me.


“MADE BY SOUTHERN HANDS” (p. 18) A roundup of stylish products and elegant gift ideas unique to the region that enable readers to express their personal Southern style while supporting local artisans and communities. Local artisans Include:

·     Richmond, VA:
Two jewelry designers Heather Tanton who uses wire, chain and semi-precious stones and Frankie Slaughter who uses materials like kukui nuts and leather to make sculptural necklaces among other items;

·     Tennessee:
Working from her family’s dairy barn in the Appalachian foothills, Good Fortune’s Jennifer Jack packages her all-natural soaps with inspirational gift cards: another company called Fondue Vintage Homewares, out of Grinder’s Switch, decoupages tissue boxes with retro wallpaper;

·     High Point, NC:
A solid, elegant table lamp started out as a rough square of lumber at Sedgefield by Adams’ factory which began as a hobby shop in 1958;

·     Louisville, KY :
Hand-painted birdhouses created by Kentucky gardener to the stars Jon Carloftis for Louisville Stoneware, a favorite of Louisville-native editor Eleanor Griffin.  “A touch of Kentucky in my powder room is my Louisville Stoneware soap holder—a tiny replica of Derby horses under the twin spires of Churchill Downs,” writes Griffin . “While they still make classic pieces I remember from my grandmother’s they also have fresh new designs that speak to the young, with-it consumer.”

·      Oklahoma City:
Whitney English stationery features graphic patterns and bright colors;

·      Wilton, WV:
Colorful Blenko water carafes have been best-sellers since 1938.

(p. 70) Kentucky native Elizabeth Mayhew and author of Flip! for Decorating shares how to give a dining room sideboard a new look in a few easy steps.

INSTANT INSPIRATION FROM A CHATTANOOGA BUNGALOW (p. 48) Be inspired by this homeowner who decorated his charming 1920s bungalow in Chattanooga ’s St. Elmo neighborhood with stylish family heirlooms, one-of-a-kind vintage finds and ingenuity. Southern Living showcases 10 of his creative ideas that anyone can replicate in their home. They include:
·      Install a custom swing on the porch
·      Use blueprints as art or enlarge and frame an old letter as a focal point
·      Group small collectibles for impact
·      Enlarge and frame old letters as art
·      Use corks as kitchen cabinet hardware and maps instead of wallpaper
He also shares his favorite Southern sources for flea markets.

ATLANTA: GO INSIDE A FORMER BISHOP’S HOME (p. 94) Come see a house “equal parts Gothic and gorgeous,” writes Eleanor Griffin. Once owned by a beloved bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, the home features 15 inspired details that create warmth, history and lived-in elegance: fleur-de-lis strap hinges, beveled glass windows and a distressed butcher-block table.

CAROLINA COTTAGE STYLE (p. 64) Edging out more than 200 entries, a mountain cottage in Cahiers, NC won “Best New Cottage” in the Southern Living home awards.  The getaway looks like it’s part of the landscape. “Along with locally found elements, we infused this house with the look and feel of farmhouses and barns found throughout this part of Southern Appalachia,” said Travis Mileti chief designer at Mountainworks, a custom home design firm based in Western North Carolina , which designed it. Southern Living cites "Five Details We Love About Carolina Mountain Style" including simple board-and-batten shutters and red cedar siding.

HOW TO BUILD AN OUTDOOR FIREPLACE (p. 84) Marietta native and landscape architect shares a three-point plan on how to build an outdoor fireplace including important information about materials, safety code, style, budget and more.

So grab a copy on your way out the store or borrow a copy from your friend or visit them online at
You can also visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

No payment was received for this review. However a copy of the October issue was sent to me and I hope it arrive soon so I can see more of what Southern Living has to offer!

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  1. Those are wonderful ideas! I've always thought a swing on a porch would be wonderful!

  2. I have always wanted a swing porch! lovely, just lovely. Love them all actually! :D


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