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WW: Nice decorative touch huh?

Can you see it?
Yes that's an airplane.
I make airplanes for my kids to play with inside and outside our home and well soemtimes they end up in the ceiling fans, and poster hangings etc. Nice add on huh? :)

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  1. LOL You know, if that happened in my house it would probably go unnoticed for weeks.

  2. took me a while to figure out what you were talking ablout LOL I thought you had a crack on your wall. That is funny

  3. Pretty amazing how it could get stuck there like that.

  4. I thought the picture was of an airplane. I spent a good 5 minutes staring at it trying to figure out how that could be. They don't call me Dumb Mom for nothin'!

  5. YOu make a good paper airplane!

  6. Looks like something my husband would do too!

  7. Great touch. LOL.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I love those whimisical things that happen with kids :)

  9. LOL! You're a better mom than I... Not only can I not make a good airplane, but I wouldn't let them fly it in the house for fear of something breaking! =)
    Love that picture by the way!

  10. Good old fashioned fun! Have a great thanksgiving!

  11. I think that shows that you are the funnest kind of Mama : )


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