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The Verdict Is In! - WW

Today was my firstborn's first day of school. He went in his classroom without a peep. He is used to this because each Sunday he gets to go hang with his buddies in little church while we go to big church. But then he is just left there for an hour....

All day his sister kept telling me that we need to go get him. She hear a branch move on the roof and she thinks it's D. She missed her precious big brother. I feel for her. Since birth, they have been inseparable! The moment they awake they must see each other etc etc
I was counting down the hours too. 7:55a - 2:50! Tis long time if you are watching the clock tick. 

When I picked him up (I had to learn that the long line of cars is where I needed to be and not parked in the parking lot and then walking in to pick him up! I guess you learn eh), he seemed tired, but wanted to tell me all about the day. 
He seems to like it and I asked if he wanted to go back tomorrow and it was a resounding yes! 

He likes his teacher. Remembered her name since orientation day and met a friend in his class today, but can't yet remember his name. He says the friend doesn't hit and he likes that about him.  We've talked some about picking good friends. 

I too, like his teacher, she is very warm and welcoming, so the verdict is in. He loves school and am all cried out. Now to see what they'll do with him already knowing so much. 
Here's to a new journey for our family.  

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  1. That's great that he had such a good first day of school.

  2. That is wonderful! I am glad he enjoyed school. :)

  3. How wonderful he enjoyed school. and how precious that your little one missed him so! A very big step in his life!

  4. How exciting for him! He's so handsome! I hope he has a great year!

  5. Aw, cute and hugs! Too cute on his sister wanting him to come home. Happy WW!

  6. Aww! He is such a handsome guy!!! So glad that his first day was great!! I would be crying alot too!

  7. he looks very sharp.
    great that he is liking it, but I bet you miss him.

  8. Milestones are awesome! And so is your header! I haven't been here in awhile. I'm slacking, lol

  9. He is too cure! glad he enjoyed school!

  10. I agree with Sheila...Milestones are awesome. Here's to a wonderful school year.

  11. Aw, he looks like he had a great day! How sweet that his sister missed him.

  12. I am so glad things went well. A great teacher is such a wonderful thing.

  13. he looks so happy!! Glad he had a great day! (it gets easier - not much -but some)

  14. Can you believe it!? School time already. My kids went to a uniform school. Your son looks very sweet.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  15. I am so very happy that he liked his day!

  16. So glad he loved his first day of school!

  17. I'm so glad to hear that he had a great first day. He looks so grown up!

    I laughed at what he said about his new friend, that he doesn't hit. That's definitely a good quality in a friend. :)

  18. The first day of school is a big event in a little life

  19. Well, look at our little man! How handsome, and all grown up. So did he like it, and did Mommy cry! !hehe~ I know I did when each one of my kids went to school.

  20. Making precious memories. Don't blink! You'll open your eyes and he'll be 14. Enjoy every minute.

  21. Aww...why do they hafta grow up so quickly right? I hope the rest of the school year is just as great as his first day! :o)

  22. He is soooo cute :) I like my sons teacher too ! It makes for a great school year when we know our children are in good hands :)
    I shed a few tears too on Monday when our little guy went off to school for the first time :( The next day was better for the both of us !!
    I'm giving you a hug and hope all goes well each day !

  23. A pretty handsome little boy.
    Great to hear he enjoy his first day school.

    all the best,

  24. very handsome!
    Glad he liked school...
    that makes it so much easier


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