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Our Letters - WW

His teacher gave him a welcome letter with pencils and candy. 
 My husband gave me a letter-card. The smiley sticker is just for me to remind me to smile while sitting there. :)

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  1. Wow what a sweet teacher and loving husband think I may need one of those smiley faces too sometimes great idea :)

  2. Aww how sweet. My son received a letter too from his teacher and he loved it.

  3. That Teacher made quite an impression with the welcome gift. that's how you set a good example. Good For Her. Looks like he loved the goodies and the welcome.

  4. thatss great lol on the smiley sticker cute

  5. sweet. a little acknowledgment can make a big difference in ones day!

  6. Letters are so special in this world filled with technology.

  7. It is still nice to get a physical letter that you can pick up and hold - they're always a delightful surprise.

  8. A little reminer goes along way:) Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  9. HAPPY WW - Totally cool what a nice teacher, so what you're going to leave us in suspense what was the card for from the hubby, what it say, what it look like.?? Okay, so I'm nosey! Anyway, go by my blog, and there's something COOL for you there too, totally sweet!

  10. He is a handsome boy Collette. How sweet and wordless, yes.

  11. i love letters..
    so much better than email.
    how sweet of your honey and his teacher


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