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EZ SOX Training Socks For Kids Review & Giveaway - CLOSED/WINNER

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There comes a time when your baby will say to you; 'Me do it!!" And a stomp of the feet might cement the will to do whatever it is they want to do, because they feel sure that they do know how and they are big enough to do it! Your job is to pick your battles :)

My kids always wanted to choose and put on their own socks and we've all seen the struggle and tears as they haul them on like boots and toes and nails get stuck half way in and they do NOT want your help. Sometime to save my sanity I do tricks and put it on for them anyway. 

Apparently there is a company out there who wants to make life easier for mom kids by making socks that do wonderful things such as boost toddlers self confidence as they learn to dress themselves. I like this company, they are called EZ SOX.

The EZ SOX is called the "I can do it!" socks and comes with two loops at the top of the socks to help the tiny little fingers grasp and pull socks up without any problems! The socks are surprisingly easy to put on too! Seeing how my kids have struggled with their socks so many times, I was wide eyed to see how quickly my daughter pulled them on. So I asked her to take them off and try again. We did this three or four times and it's quite exciting for her and me to see these socks just slide onto her feet! 
I LOVE them! I must get more. I can hear my blood pressure rejoicing. 

 I should have done a video! Tis so easy!

About EZ SOX

WHAT ARE EZ SOX? Learning to put on socks can be frustrating for young children. EZ SOX can help! Our double reinforced loops give tiny fingers a strong grip for pulling over tiny toes. Cute Animal faces act as a guide for your little one, showing them which way is up. Made seamless for those sensitive toes. Sticky grip non-skid bottoms makes EZ SOX safe on slippery Surfaces.

WHY EZ SOX? EZ SOX was created after watching our son struggle to put on his socks. They were either up side down, inside out or sideways. We saw his frustration and felt there must be a better way. From the first time our son tried EZ SOX it worked like a charm. He was beaming with pride and confidence, because he didn't need Mommy or Daddy to help him put on socks anymore. We were beaming too.

To make putting on socks fun and easy for every child who's learning to dress themselves.

One pair of EZ Sox (Winner's choice)

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  16. my son would love the T-Rex EZ socks!

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