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Seven Is My Favorite Number :)

I want to have five children. God's will. 

I keep thinking of a seven seater. 

I like this one just fine. 

Alas I can only dream. 

 Check out all the seating power! Yum! I mean yahooo! :)

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  1. OH thts' a beauty... I love it. We have 6 people in our family and own a TAHOE and we love it!!

  2. We bought a Volvo XC90 (used) in December. It seats 7, but we usually keep the third row flat so we can have lots of cargo room. I really like my new car, especially since Volvo has a good reputation for safety.

  3. What a beauty! I want that too. Happy WW! :)

  4. I have always wanted 4 children. God willing.

    That is one sweet ride. I'm sporting a mini-van to tote around my kids. Don't hate. ;-) lol

  5. pretty...but with the rising price of gas, I keep thinking smaller...and smaller.

  6. Its been a long time since I've looked for a new car, but I do remember how fun it was to pour through the sites online, checking the specs & pictures! Though, since I just paid $3.79/gallon for gas a few minutes ago, all I can think about is my very first car: a Geo Metro that I called the "Smurfmobile". It was itty bitty and smurf blue and I could drive anywhere for so little money! (And I did! :>) Hope you find the right car for you! :>:>

  7. I have 5 children, my mother did too. Seems a good number to shoot for. :)

  8. Like that color too, it's nice looking.

  9. Thanks for joining Good Friends Just Click. I'm following you via GFC! Hope to see you next week-

  10. sweet car! well you don't have to wait until you have 5 kids! Have a wonderful week :)

  11. Very pretty....I love the color. I always had red cars till two years ago when hubs bought my new car and it's black...according to him and the salesman it's black cherry, but that doesn't fool me.

  12. Can I have one too? But do they come with duct tape and automatic vacuums for when your kids drop everything they can all over the floor.

  13. i need an 8 seater! lol
    well, 7 seater is what we need, but i want an 8 ha ha
    looking and found out that i am not about doing a mini van, but there are a couple suv's i like... we borrow my dads suburban when we need it, but oh my goodness.. it drinks gas like you do not know

  14. I want that auto. I need seven seats!

  15. That's a dream I can relate to. I like the look of the house in the background as well.
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