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It's All In The Bumpa - WW

How we do it in Jamaica.

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  1. HaHa - I totally love it, but we do that here too! At least I do when I'm going camping! lol Have a good day!

  2. I know that all too well, LOL!!

    Nice WW!

  3. That is a rather full trunk. I've done that a few times myself :)

    Happy WW.

  4. That's a catastrophe in the making!

  5. Lol, that reminds me of our family vacations growing up.

  6. That's funny! I would be too afraid to drive.

    Following from the blog hop.

  7. Good one. I've known wonderful people from Jamaica!

    Have a great day!
    Love your new banner too :)

  8. DAAANNGG!!! That some serious junk in the trunk.

  9. well, I think he could fit a couple more things in there...maybe a small baby or a pillow. lol
    Love the site. We are twin moms raising tots of our own now. Found you thru Wild Wednesday and hope u will check us out too at
    Cathy and Becca

  10. LOL...I'd be afraid it would all fall out.

  11. That trunk can sure hold a lot of things.

  12. at least it's with a car. in VietNam, they stack five or six on a motorcycle.


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