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Let's Laugh Enough Today For Yesterday

Yea that was Monday, now come on, let's laugh :D

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  1. I like the first one LOL

  2. what's funny? this weekend past i spent with some old family friends. they have a 22 year old son that i use to baby sit when he was two. i took one look at him and said "boy, tell me how you lost so much weight and here's a 20, go get a belt" yes i'm mean, but he's deaf to his parents and thinks he's cool. i swear, if my son starts dressing like the kid in the top cartoon, i'll start buying him dresses.

  3. LOL! Thanks Colette! Laughter is good medicine. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

  4. That first one is so funny. I've gotta remember this the next time I see some baggy pants kids walking around the mall. I'm sure to be tempted to say the same thing. No doubt, I'll get either strange looks or eye rolls, but wouldn't that be funny?

  5. Hi HI I thought you did Wordless Wednesday, but oh well Hi anyways. Hope all is well with you. Off now to the movies to see Mirror, Mirror with my daughter. We were invited to the red carpet & I can't wait. Woo Hoo! Hugzzzzzzzzzzz me

  6. That was too funny. I see the kids dressed like that all the time here.
    Stopping by from Pitch it to me.


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