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Healthy In Yum Yum Sizes

A few months back I decided that I must visit a doctor. I felt like something was wrong with me and for years wasn't letting up.

I did. I weighed. You know they do that when you first go in.

I was 127 give or take for the past 7 years. All was well except I had anemia and allergies. I was put on iron and allergy medications.

Oh I didn't mind. After all it was all working together for my health.

Three months later I returned and I was a whopping 135!!! Um hello?! Something is amiss here I'd say.

Three more months later I was a whopper at 140.something and I began to have trouble accepting that this was normal. I do not gain weight. Even the husband noticed me bulging! I'm sure he thought it was from all the secret pies :)

I finally mentioned it to the doctor. He is practicing now and didn't know either and so suggested that maybe it was from water retention or the medication having some effect on me.

I was working out in the mornings, but decided to step it up. I cannot reach 150 at 5'6 in the next three months!

I dropped the pies and reduced the portions! I ALWAYS eat whatever I want, whenever I want and that included pies and ice cream at 3am!! I never gain weight!

Yum Yum dishes was waiting to help me with the portion control! These cute little plates and bowls are perfect portions! I enjoyed using them and wish I had more of these cuties for my kitchen and dining use. As an island native, these are the colorful plates that delights me!

I'm not sure what happened but now I'm back to the 135's. I want it lower and staying. Plus I feel so much better, less worry and less squeezing into my jeans.

Haha. When I had found out I couldn't really fit into my jeans anymore. I am a size two, I remember telling myself that I was not going to purchase anymore jeans, so the weight had to go!

I love the idea of Yum Yum time! I love eating little amounts and craving more, because everyone knows by now it's better to want more than to have too much. At least I hope so.

Yum Yum Bowls are designed for enjoying your favorite foods and snacks in a perfect portion size. And now, due to customer requests, the popular bowls all come with a convenient snap-on plastic lid! 

Also check out the ALL-NEW 9-inch dinner plate: 9Plate. The plates are sectioned and labeled for Protein, Carbs and Veggies to help with portion control.

Yum Yum Dishes are available in pre-boxed sets of four fun colors: cherry red, sunshine yellow, pistachio green and bold blue. The ceramic plates and bowls are perfect for children, teens and adults who want to enjoy all their favorite foods in moderation… especially those making healthy eating  resolutions.

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I received a YumYum plate and bowl for this review. No payment was exchanged. 

About the author: Owner of JamericanSpice. Sharing my journey in the present, from the past or thoughts for my future. Mom of two who loves to travel and read and decipher people. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. Very cool. I like the idea of portion sized plates and bowls. I'll have to look into them. And congrats on loosing the weight.

  2. I like these too. I think the color is great and they're nice and sturdy! Sharing the post. :)

  3. Those are such neat tools to use when you're watching what you eat and trying to lose weight; someone was definitely thinking when they created those! :)

    I, unfortunately, feel like I'm gaining weight so I want to start working out again!


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