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In Heels or Sandals - Girls Rule! - WW

The kids had fun at the park and climbing trees was apart of it. I remember how much I loved climbing trees as a child.

Girls can do tomboy too!
Heels or sandals, nothing to it!

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  1. I did that as a little girl too. Love how much fun they're having!

  2. Climbing the large pine trees behind our home is one of my favorite memories. And girls can do anything!

    1. She is wanting to climb the old trees in the back too and she might, but they seem old...

  3. They are clearly having fun Colette! Have a good Wednesday.

  4. they are having so much fun!!!!!

  5. I'm with Kimberly: Girls definitely rule! :)

    Not only can we get down and tree-climbing dirty, but we can get all pretty and dressed up that same day.

    We're awesome ^.^

  6. Training for future life when you will likely be forced to chase your toddler in 3 inch heels. I mean, the kids run no matter what you're wearing, and especially, it seems, if you've decided to get dressed up!

  7. My 3 yr old granddaughter loves to climb in trees, she also loves to dress in delicate gossamer princess dresses with fairy wings, the two are not very compatible so she willingly sacrifices her fru fru for climbing fun.

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