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Sun Is Out! Hang It Out! Dry It Best!

I grew up washing all my clothing and other laundry by hand. We got our basins (yes that's what we called them), got our water and soap mixed just right with a tip or so of bleach and a brush to scrub hard pants. We washed all clothing and bedding and curtains by hand.

We rinse all by hand just the same.

Then we took pride hanging out fresh and sparkling white laundry on clothes lines in our yards. And if we need more space, we borrow the neighbor's yard!

As a child, if you are too short to reach the lines, you haul it down to you, or stand on something (a stone works just well). But of course our favorite part was playing with the clothes pin, pinching ourselves with it, trying to tote longer nails, or pinching the other kids :D

We pray it wouldn't rain while our laundry dried, or we'd have to rush to get them half dry and then hang them inside.

If it's a great sun shiny day and it all goes well for a couple hours and everything gets dried by the SUN, it's a pleasure to go get them off the line.
Your laundry smells absolutely wonderful! You just wrap your face in it all and inhale.

We always ensure to wash hands and face before going to get the laundry :) Or the adults ensure to tell the kids thus.

When I came to America, I wondered why it seem such a stigma or 'redneck' to have a clothing line in your yard and hang your clothing outside.

I'd choose sunlight over electrical heat for drying my laundry any day!

And to learn that some places ban this practice is even more mind boggling!

Where is the commonsense?  What about all the saving energy talk? Haha gotcha!

Sunlight is far. You know some politician is going to find a way to tax it soon! But I digress.

I remember when we first bought our home. I asked for a line outside to hang laundry. Dh wasn't on board....really....

I still do not have my line. I'm not sure he gets it. And then again, we do live in Louisiana.

I still would love to have my clothesline. Especially this beauty from Gaiam.
Outdoor Clothes Dryer
As a teen I'd hide my underwear under another piece of clothing on the clothes line. And when you hang, everything is color coded and paired.
All pants together, all shirts, socks etc.
And if you are completely OCD, then it's low to high and / or high to low!

Saturday was always wash day. Everyone was washing. You plan when to wash and where you would wash. I always had my tree set up. Shade was a big priority, but you often see women scrubbing away like mad in the hot beating sun! Cancer? What you talking 'bout Willis?!

I miss seeing all those lines and lines of clothing blowing in the wind and perfect hot sun. These are reasons to visit my country again and again.

I can see so many benefits of using sunshine to dry laundry.

And one day I will have my line.

Would you use a clothing line? 
Have you ever hung laundry outdoors on lines? 
Sun or dryer - which would you choose? 

Colette is a busy mom of 2 kids focusing solely on being a mom. She hails from the Caribbean and now balances the full life of being a SAHM and dabbling in odd jobs to help around the home. She enjoys sharing her memories, hopes, food, travel, entertainment, and product experiences on her blog. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. I used to wash my clothes on a washboard when I lived in NY and hang them out on a line with a pulley but my clothes would be full of soot! Now I am back home in Mi but have no time.

    BTW, My friend Jeannie hangs hers out and we both use the Purex you told us about. I've got Mari using it too!! Love it!!

    1. Ahh yes! You know what I 'm talking about.

      I'm so glad you ladies and the man are now rocking the Purex. That's my detergent. Many varieties and bang for the buck!

  2. I still hang my clothes out on the clothesline. :)

  3. I had one in my last house and never used it. I can't STAND the smell of clothes that have dried outside.

    1. Girl you missing out! Must be the American detergent! :)

  4. my nana used to hang hers outside..
    we have one at the house... but it is by the trees and we have lots of birds... lol, i am not risking it.

    1. Haha. I can totally see that, but we had trees and birds too and I guess we just never thought about it. The birds left in the day and came back to roost at night. Haha. Too funny.

  5. Somethings I do like to hang dry. The only thing is that I hate when it stays wrinkly. The dryer seem to fix this for me better. I love your post today. It seemed light and

    1. I agree the dryer or ironing does that.

      But if you don't want it wrinkled. you can just hang it up without wringing it dry at all.

      And thank you dahlin' I'm trying to be upbeat, hoping it will beat back the sadness and pressing depression.

  6. My mom use to hang some of our clothes outside and then eventually she just hung them inside. I just hang some inside, the ones that can't go in the dryer. I have to admit I have never hung outside, wait, I take that back, a few times I have laid some clothes out on the deck table.
    My mother often talks about how she had to dry all her clothes outside and use a wash basin too,growing up they didn't own a washer or dryer.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. That is something isn't it!
      Thanks for sharing.

      Note: I'm really not that old okay :)

  7. My gram had a clothes line, with the poles to lift them. I used to love to help her. She had the old wringer washer too. It was a lot of work for her to do laundry and I never heard her complain one time. I'm tired just thinking about it. ;)

    1. YES Rosey! I had the ones with the poles in them to lift them higher from animals and playing children :) Or dust from the earth! Ahh the memories.

      And I know the wringer washer!

      Ahh the times eh.

  8. I like this blog post a lot because I hang my clothes out to dry all the time in the summer. I wish I lived somewhere where it was warm all year long. I so much money by hanging the clothes out on the line! And I like the smell of the freshness on the clothes. Can you believe it, but one blogger said she can not stand the smell of clothes out on the line and that she will never do it. I just love it!

    1. Thank you Karen :)
      I LOVED it too and really do want my line!
      I just love the smell and I can imagine the savings!!!

  9. My clothesline needs to be fixed. I love the smell of sheets that have been dried in the sun.

  10. My grandmother had a clothes line. We had one at my Mom's when our dryer went out. I wouldn't mind hanging clothes in the fall but summer's in Texas, forget it! lol

    1. Ahhh it's bad in TX :)
      I hope you get to try the adventure :)

  11. I know what you are talking about Colette! As you know there is a lot of sunshine in Jamaica. Right now I am looking at some clothes on the clothes line!LOL The sun is not out now but it was out earlier today.

  12. I really want to hang my clothes out to dry. Been lazy about actually making that happen though. I'm inspired!


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