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Do You Dump? Recycle Or Reuse? - Aloha

I've always reused all my plastic bags. They were so helpful when I had the young babies in diapers. Especially if there was a blowout.

I have plastic bags filled with plastic bags at my home. I reuse them for other trash after unloading the groceries, lining garbage cans, diapers, etc

Do you have plastic bags filled with plastic bags? Do you reuse them?

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  1. Oh yes, we are definitely plastic bag in plastic bag in more plastic bag people in this house! LOL We actually have found way to reuse empty Kleenex boxes to store all our plastic bags; pretty nifty if you ask me!

    Have a great weekend Big Sis :)

    1. Ooh girl! I have sinus issues and have those kleenex boxes and I do recycle the boxes but now I can use them at home. Thanks for such a great idea!

  2. OMG- great question. We have to live without plastic bags now more than a year! It is a big hassle. San Jose banned stores from handing out FREE plastic bags or any bags at all. We have to bring our own bags to the store to bag our merchandise. It is a huge adjustment. I would forget to bring my own bags into the stores all the time, then the clerks would try to sell me the bags- overtime, you would accumulate all these bags from different stores. The problem is remembering to bring bags, and enough bags with you before you go into any store. Ugh. But when we used to get bags, I reused them for things that you've mentioned here, lining the garbage cans, bagging garbage, bringing them a long in the car to remove garbage. I miss getting bags. Now, I have to buy garbage bags, and have to remember to bring all the reuse bags into the store with me, it is an extra few steps I have to remember to do!

    1. Wow that is definitely an adjustment!
      And I bet the stores capitalized off that ban.

      It's good for the planet I guess.

      And thank you :)

  3. I use plastic bags for all kinds of things! I always use them for liners in the bathrooms.

    1. The bathroom liners takes the most usage. I guess because we change them so often right? :)

  4. I reuse plastic bags. They come in so handy. Have a good week Colette.

  5. I reuse plastic bags for my garbage bags in the office & bathroom etc oh & the dog or if it gets too mamy I return to Jewel or Dominick. I do recycle too and I save beer can clips and pop clips for Children with Cancer. My grandchildren hand them in at school and whoever has the most at the end of the year gets a pizza party. By the end of the year I give them a milk gallon jug full with the clips. My neighbor helps me and my sister-in-law. My granddaughter rooms wins every year. hehehehehehehe

    1. Marie that is wonderful!
      And great memories being made while helping others!

  6. yes! we have lots of bags in bags.. but at times, it gets to be TOO MANY bags in bags and I will take them to the recycle bin at the store


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