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Live In It - Free Country Summer Swimwear

This summer I was supposed to be on a beach in Florida. Finally strutting my stuff in my Free Country - Live In It Two Piece Tankini! I don't have much expectations for life, to save on being disappointed, but I did picture the beach and smell of the sea water and me chasing the kids on beautiful white sands.

Instead I was relegated to sitting on my deck, holding a hose to give spurts of squealing fun towards my children as they play in the tiny kiddy pool.

Sitting. On. My. Deck.

I ended up going into the tiny kiddy pool and having awesome fun with my little ones, but I still dream of the beach.

I'm looking just right to be in my sweet tankini!
It's comfortable and beautiful and I absolutely love the multi-color design!

I feel sexy. I was hoping others would take note. ON THE BEACH!

I received the Solid Color Block Tankini Top and the Tie Front Accent Swim Skirt from

I'm so glad to find this site because I will definitely recommend them and shop there when I need swim suits, especially their tankinis!

Solid Block Tankini Top

You can't go wrong with the contemporary color blocked styling of this tankini. Straps are adjustable for perfect fit. Back end of the straps are removable so you can change the look to an X-Back. Molded cup with underwire. As with all Free Country swimwear our tops and bottoms are inter-changeable for endless styling possibilities. So get creative and mix and match to find your unique style! Hand Wash per instructions on the label.

Mix and Match
Our swimwear was designed to allow you to mix and match various tops and bottoms within a color story. Simply search for the color you desire

Tie Front Accent Swim Skirt:

A classic slit swim skirt design with contrast color tie front accent and built-in brief that matches tie. A classic look for the beach or poolside. As with all Free Country swimwear our tops and bottoms are inter-changeable for endless styling possibilities. So get creative and mix and match to find your unique style! Hand Wash per instructions on the label.

Right now they are having a 65% Sale on all swimsuits. Very low prices and you can shop for the whole family!

Free Country: Where great looks come at easy-going prices. We’d rather you spend your money on living because at the end of the day it isn’t about the jacket you enjoy in your life, it’s about the life you enjoy in your jacket.

That is why I jumped in our tiny pool and had fun anyway!

I enjoyed the life with them and I watched them play and cry and play the whole day and many more days in this little pool.
I'll 'Live In It' until next summer and maybe next year my beach dreams will come true.

Did you go to the beach this summer? What do you wear: Tankini, one piece, or bikini?

Come shop the summer sale and connect with

I received the swimsuit above to facilitate this review.  No other forms of compensation. All opinions are my own.

Colette is a busy mom of 2 kids focusing solely on being a mom. She hails from the Caribbean and now balances the full life of being a SAHM and dabbling in odd jobs to help around the home. She enjoys sharing her memories, hopes, food, travel, entertainment, and product experiences on her blog. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. I was not able to go to the beach this summer, but I did go to the local pool quite often. I have a one piece swimsuit, but for next year, I plan on getting a tankini! I will keep Free County in mind when it is time to shop!

    1. We absolutely need a local pool in our community! Maybe I should petition our local govt :)
      Glad you got out and about with the water fun though!

  2. that is super cute... which reminds me, now that we have a house...i should look into getting a little pool for B for next year :)

    1. Oh the little pool, even though little, will be such fun!

  3. These are totally adorable. I love the idea of a little pool to splash and play around in. Only one problem, my wolf dog does too. :/ HAHA

  4. this looks like a cute suit, I would love to pick one up for next season.

    1. I hope you do. They are on sale now because of the upcoming fall.

  5. Cute suit! We swim almost daily at our local gym, so I'm always looking for new suits to wear.

    1. That is wonderful!
      I want my kids to learn to swim too!

  6. That is a really cute tankini! I love Tankinis!!

    1. That is all this mommy can wear these days :)

  7. How cute! I used to wear a bikini... up until my last baby, actually. But we lived in Florida and had a pool out back.

    Now after having the last one (at way too old of an age to be having babies, which I do not regret, just saying....) I look my age and wouldn't be caught in one. ;) I wear a one-piece.

    1. I know what you mean girl :)
      I might be having kids a bit older too. If life works out how I wish. ...not how I really wish, but the wish for more kids :)

  8. I haven't gone yet this summer but I've done the tankini thing and kinda like it. I also love a swim skirt now!

  9. I go to the beach often, but fully dressed. I am a sunset chaser so love to catch my sky shots, and they have a playground for the little ones. I'm not eye candy. lol

    1. You are blessed!
      I love the sunrise and sunsets too.

      And I know you take such lovely photos :)

      Haha I'm not eye candy anymore either :)

  10. So glad I saw this post. I have been searching for the right bathing suit forever. I like the tankini style since I like to hide my tummy. I finally found a 1 piece at Macy's that covered a lot, but it was expensive. Anyways, I checked these out at the website, they are very reasonable too. The style shoulder straps and the little skirt are exactly what was looking for. I've always wondered why do they make those for little girls and not women. You can tell that I like them ALOT don't you? I might just pick up a spare one. :-)

    1. They are perfect for me too to hide my mommy tummy!
      And I agree they are reasonable, especially with the sales!

      I'm so glad you found them.
      Thank you.


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