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Love Stories - Anniversary And Relationship Journal

It is a great idea to document most of your life together as a couple with notes and photos. It gives your legacy something to reminisce about, and also something your children can have to learn more about your lives and things they might have missed in the day to day of living together.

I received the Love Stories - Anniversary And Relationship Journal for this review and I do think it's a really good idea!

This book would make for a great gift to any couple!

My husband and I are already in our 10th year of marriage, so I'd have to skip all the way to the middle to add notes :)

The Journal stops at the 25th year of marriage. Definitely enough time for quite a book of sharing love stories and photos.

Love Stories - Anniversary & Relationship Journal: 

Love Stories is an anniversary and relationship guided memory journal designed to appeal to couples getting married, engaged, entering into a civil union or simply deciding to commit to each other.

This delightful keepsake journal provides thought-provoking prompts to help couples appreciate their journey together.
They simply choose a special anniversary and allow some time each year to show their feelings for one another -- memories of the last twelve months, hopes and dreams for the year ahead plus space to include a special photograph.

A color illustrated high quality journal, Love Stories offers the inspiration that every couple needs to capture significant moments over twenty five years and create a wonderful lasting keepsake to be shared and treasured forever.

Do you have a journal of your relationship with your significant Other? 

Would you purchase one and begin a story collection now? 

What is the special thing your do for your relationship year round? 

Creating relationship keepsakes and recording precious memories

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I received the Love Stories - Anniversary & Relationship Journal to facilitate this review. No other compensation has been exchanged.
All other opinions are my own.

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  1. Is this pretty wonderful idea, my marriage and brings 29 years!

  2. What a fantastic idea! We will celebrate 5 years in a week and a half and we can use this!

    1. It's perfect to do together!
      Happy celebrating of you both.

  3. This melts my heart! What a great thing for couples to do :) I want one!

    1. Definitely a good thing to do together.
      Thank you :)

  4. That journal looks really nice I would love to have one =)

  5. Oh how nice! I keep a journal, but keeping an relationship or marriage journal seems nice, and a great way to remember the important things.

  6. What a great idea! I love this.

  7. I like the idea but I wouldn't personally write one as I don't write diaries.

    1. I understand.
      Everyone is different :)
      Thanks Agata.

  8. Awe this is really sweet. I so need to jot down things like this about my husband.

  9. What a lovely idea for a book! I’m terrible at keeping up with things like this, though.

    1. Me too! I have it in mind to write and then time passes!
      Thank you.
      Yes a really great idea!

  10. I don't journal at all. I did keep baby books! Hubby journals all the time, but not about us, just writer notes.


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