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The Danger That Lies In Pools And Spas - #WaterSafety Tips

I am always sharing articles and videos with my children. We all love to read in our family and sometimes instead of just lecturing, I allow them to read, pause, ask questions, give insights etc and that I feel they remember more from what was discussed.

Safety in water is one of them. Sometimes a family might take my kids out to play. I always warn them about which water not to go into and ways to be safe in and around water.

Even now, my son is about to visit a friend. I have encouraged him to stay away from the ground ponds that are near their home. Not only are these water untreated, they might be places that will harbor amoebas.

Grab a hose and water balloons and let's play, but stay out the ditches with dirty water and pooled water in the ground that are untreated.

D is for Drains

This is a video that every family needs to see. It can save your life or someone else's life.

We become so carefree around summer and disregard the dangers around us. But let's give much importance to this video and sharing it any way you can.


The ZAC Foundation is named for Zachary Archer Cohn, who died in 2007 at the age of 6, after his arm became trapped by the suction of a pool drain. Zachary was a smart, inquisitive, kind, free-spirited boy who loved to know how things worked.

He was full of life and curiosity. Zachary was an accomplished swimmer and loved the water even as a small child. His untimely death is a loss that is a tragedy beyond words for his family, friends, and all who knew him. Zachary's memory is alive in the Foundation’s mission to prepare children and their families for a lifetime of water safety.

The ZAC Foundation was created to set pioneering standards in the field of water safety. The goal of The ZAC Foundation is to save children's lives through three areas: grassroots outreach, ZAC Camps, and school curriculum.

The Foundation has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the issue of drain entrapment with state and national policymakers, and is a voice for strong water safety standards presented in the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGB). VBG protects swimmers from the dangers of entrapment through layers of protection.

The ZAC Foundation was established to prepare children and families for a lifetime of water safety. The organization works to strengthen pool safety legislation and funds advocacy, education and effective programming surrounding water safety. Zachary’s memory is the inspiration for the Foundation’s mission and activities.


Water Safety
ZAC Water Safety PDF Sheet


Children between the ages of 1 and 3 represent 64 percent of reported non-fatal drownings (2012-2014) and 65 percent of fatal drownings (2010-2012), according to CPSC.

African American children between the ages of 5 and 19 are 5.5 times more likely to drown in pools than white children that age, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The disparity in swimming ability is greatest from 11-12 years; at these ages, African-American children drown in pools at 10 times the rate of white children, according to the CDC.

On average, 382 children younger than 15 fatally drown every year between 2010 and 2012 in pools or spas, with 76 percent (290) of the victims being younger than 5.

In 2010, a reported 397 children younger than 15 fatally drown in pools or spas, including 302 children younger than 5. In 2012, 364 children younger than 15 fatally drown, including 279 younger than 5.

An estimated average of 5,400 children younger than 15 were treated between 2012 and 2014 in emergency rooms for pool- or spa-related submersion injuries every year, with 77 percent of the injured being younger than 5.

Residential locations dominated incidents involving victims younger than 5 years old; 87 percent of the reported fatalities occurred at residential pools or spas. About 49 percent of the injuries and 75 percent of the fatalities involving children younger than 15 years occurred at a residence.

Of the reported pool fatalities for children younger than age 15, about 55 percent (212 annual average) occurred in in-ground pools; 18 percent of pool fatalities occurred in above-ground pools, and only 7 percent of reported pool fatalities occurred in portable pools.

To view more stats, visit Rep. Wasserman Schultz, Water Safety Community Join Forces to Urge All Families to Pool Safely.

Please share a Summer Safety Tip below with me.
Thank you and be safe!

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  1. This is so important! Many times we don't pay attention to the amount of bacteria that could be crawling everywhere we go so everyone should be aware of this

  2. How sad for Zachary and his family.
    And you are absolutely right about these paddling pools that abound children's parks. I can't stand the idea of my kids playing in them and we don't go anywhere near!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. This is so important, especially with so many kids swimming in the summer.

    1. Thank you Rachel.
      Definitely for summer with so many needing to be cooled down in the water.

  4. How unfortunate. I hope we raise awareness on this because kids will always be curious and it's nice to have guidelines and posts like this to help keep them safe. It's an important reminder that we always seem to miss.

    1. Thank you Mai.
      I hope we do share and learn.

  5. My God! How sad is that. We have to be very careful with our kids, that's why I don't like pools so much.

    1. We rarely ever get to be in a pool, but it sure is good to know.

  6. Oh my god! How sad. i will be very careful with my niece. xx

  7. I'm so glad you called attention to this. It's SUCH An important message to get out!

  8. Such a powerful message to send out. My son had a camp field trip to a park with a LOT of water, canoeing, etc. I asked the director if they were going in, on or near the water. If she'd have said yes, I'd have kept him out that day. Better safe than sorry to me.

    1. ^and that's not even a place with a drain. I'm just scared of the kids being near/in water if I'm not there, especially if they're in big groups. Taking your link and sharing it with all the kids (big and small) in my family! Thanks, Colette!

    2. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate it.

      I also talk to my kids and let them read stuff like this too.

      I want them to understand why I want them to be safe.

  9. Ughhh as a pool owner thes skin da facts always scare me! Part of the reason I'm such helicopter mom when it comes to the pool lol

    1. You definitely need to be armed with information so you make arrangements for safety.

  10. This is so important! I have witnessed too many kids being left alone way too young in the kiddie area this summer of the swim park.

    1. That is scary. But I realize how many parents take it as a way to be relieved of their kids

  11. My son learned his lesson about this. On a dare, he stuck his arm in the pool drain and had to be rescued by an adult. His arm was a mass of bruises from wrist to elbow and he had to have a tetnus shot and a course of antibiotics for the germs. Thank heavens it wasn't anything worse. After that, he learned that nothing good is ever followed by I DARE YA. #SITSSharefest

    1. Wow! That is absolutely scary!
      Kids are like that. That's why we have to arm them with information.

  12. I think it's so important to be very safe around water. I need to get my girls in swim lessons soon too. I always make sure to tell them to never go near those jets and stuff because anything could happen.

  13. Bringing kids to pools aren't just for fun, we need to be extra careful with the danger that can be brought by it.

  14. I had no idea that drain entrapment was such a huge issue, its awful that poor Zac died. What a great way of raising awareness.

  15. Yikes! I don't think the severity of not having proper water safety protocols in place ever dawned on me until this post. thanks for raising awareness. The foundation sounds wonderful and brilliant.

  16. This is terrifying! As a parent, we try to do everything we can, but sometimes there are hidden dangers like this!

  17. Thanks So Very Much for Sharing These Very Important Tips and Guidelines for Keeping Safe Around Pools & Spas! I Know it's Wintertime and It Will Be a While Before We Wade Outdoors by the Pool but This is Something Really Important for People to Know Especially Parents! You Hear So Many Horror Stories About Children Drowning in the Pool and I'm Sure Stuff Like This Could Have Prevented Some of it! Well Thanks Again for Sharing, Have a Blessed Day! - Jana


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